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The Atrush Block is located within an intensively folded and thrusted zone in the Zagros sedimentary basin which is a world-class hydrocarbon province located on the north-eastern margin of the Arabian Platform. This basin is located along the Zagros thrust belt and covers an area of some 200,000 square kilometres. It extends from the Taurus thrust zone in the north (Turkey) to the Arabian Gulf and Oman in the south. The basin is a typical foreland compressional basin formed by the collision of the Afro-Arabian and Iranian plates in Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic times.  

The late Permian and Triassic rocks were deposited in relatively stable shelf conditions and consist of shallow water carbonates with minor evaporite and clastic content. Jurassic sediments were also deposited in the shelf environment and consist primarily of carbonates ranging from deep water mudstones-wackestones to shallow water packstones-grainstones interbedded with supra-tidal carbonates and anhydrites.

The main source rocks in the area are in the Jurassic Naokelekan and the Cretaceous Chia Gara formations. Hydrocarbon generation and migration in the Zagros Basin began during the late Cretaceous time when folding and uplift of the Zagros Mountains began. Faults and fracture development created vertical migration paths to hydrocarbons. Most likely a combination of vertical and horizontal migration charged the structures in the Atrush Block area. 

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